Okeechobee Region
Florida Yards & Neighborhoods


This Florida Yards & Neighborhoods program covers Glades, Highlands, and Okeechobee Counties.

Program objectives are to:

  • reduce storm water runoff
  • decrease non-point source pollution
  • conserve water
  • enhance wildlife habitat
  • create beautiful landscapes

Rain falls on yards, roads and parking lots, flows from the gutters into storm drains, and then washes into tributaries and lakes or bays, carrying pollutants like fertilizers, pesticides, soil, petroleum products and other pollutants.  Scientists have discovered that fertilizers and pesticides from residential areas are serious threats to the health of Florida's water and ecosystems.

Runoff containing nitrogen from fertilizers or toxic substances from pesticides can damage aquatic plants and animals that live in fresh and salt water environments.

FY&N encourages homeowners to water efficiently, mulch, recycle, select the least toxic pest control measures, put the right plant in the right spot, fertilizer only when necessary, provide food, water and shelter for wildlife, protect surface water bodies (i.e., bays, rivers, streams, ponds, etc.) and minimize storm water runoff.

Proper implementation of Florida Yards & Neighborhoods practices in your yard will protect the natural environment around us for future generations to enjoy.

Additional Information about the FYN Program

For further information about the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program, contact:

The Master Gardeners

4509 George Blvd

Sebring, FL 33875

(863) 402-6540  Monday-Friday 9:30am-3:30pm

or email them at: highlandsmg@ifas.ufl.edu